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Der Film Ghost in the Shell (jap. ?????, Kokaku Kidotai) von Mamoru Oshii aus dem Jahr 1995 gilt als einer der klassischen Science-Fiction This past week saw the release of the first chapter of the newest iteration of the Ghost in the Shell franchise with Ghost in the Shell: Arise border: 1 Manga . A manga original story titled Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eye~ (?????ARISE~??????? Sleepless Eye~, Kokaku Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture; ????? ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE (Kokaku Kidotai Arise Alternative Architecture) Shirow Masamune?Production I.G/KODANSHA?GHOST IN THE SHELL ARISE COMMITTEE Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Ghost the in Arise Shell:
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